News: The Empire Strikes Back: Jaguar and Land Rover are now Indian.

The Queen in her Jaguar, soon to be TataUS car giant Ford has sold its luxury UK-based car brands Jaguar and Land Rover to the Indian company Tata for US$2.3bn (£1.15bn), about half the price Ford paid for it originally.
Although Land Rover remains profitable, Ford has never managed to make money from its investment in Jaguar.

In January, Tata launched the world's cheapest car, the Nano, priced at US$2,500 (£1,250). The starting price for Jaguar's latest sports car is more than US$64,000 (£32,000). (Full)

I wonder if now is the right time to up the issue I had with The Ugly Duckling, my old Land Rover in Uganda I just could not get repaired? Or should I wait until Tata bought Mercedes and BMW?

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Voegtli 27 March, 2008 06:42  

I hesitate now: Should I buy 1 Jaguar or 15 Nano's?

Peter 27 March, 2008 10:31  

Buy 15 Nano's, rent them out, and with the profit, buy the car you want! ;-)

Andrew Holden 27 March, 2008 13:12  

I don't get the last comment? Tata managed to buy a losing business from a deadbeat company like Ford - BMW and Mercedes are profitable companies! I don't think you really know that much about the car business to make that comment.

Peter 27 March, 2008 16:50  

It was meant as a joke, Andrew.

Andrew Holden 28 March, 2008 00:25  

Okay... for someone looking closely at the car business it was absurd. I guess I could not see the humor in it :)

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