Rumble: Notte Bianca

I swear, there are several things the Italians got right. Enjoying life is one. Once per year, the centre of Rome closes off for a whole night of partying, singing, performances: the Notte Bianca ("The White Night").
One of the highlights this year were tens of thousands of translucent bulbs set up in Circo Massimo, lit up with lights in changing colours.

Pictures courtesy of Mallory5


Anonymous,  12 September, 2007 10:10  

Some time ago I read a new word... "ITANGLISH"... Do you mind to explain to what remote italian dialect belongs the word with adjective "NOTTE BLANCHA"...? Is it a sort of "Englishita" "Dutchita" "Flemishita" ... or again is there a bit of confusion? Phonetically (and grammatically) is not possible in Italian the word Biancha... it is BIANCA .. however the purpose of the event "Notte Bianca 2007" was to commemorate the at the time Colombian presidential candidate Ingrid Betancourt and her running mate Clara Rojas held hostages by FARC rebels for over five years .. The event took place in Paris as well... so behind all the glamour and enjoyement you mentioned... there is a civil cause

Peter 13 September, 2007 07:32  

Hey V-day,

Flemishita it must have been ;-)
Thanks for correcting... Should have known better... If there is any excuse, I am only in Italian for beginners - lesson 3...

I tried to find back some of the historical background of this event, but could not. You have any good links?



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