Rumble: Sandals.

I do not like to wear shoes. Most of the time I wear sandals. Ok, ok, ok, everyone will say I wear sandals ALL the time. I bought my first pair, in 1996 when I joined WFP. I wore them every day until about 2004 when the rubber sole completely pealed off. (Some friends said I wore them until they pealed off my feet). The next pair, real expensive ones, I bought in Dubai. And they only lasted for three years -snif. The soles just disintegrated. After only three years ! :-) I know, I know, I can't help it. I get attached to things..
I kept on tripping over them, and left a trail of small snippets of rubber behind me where I walked. So I took a major decision: I bought a new pair. Threw the old ones away. Hopefully no-one at work will fish them out of my waste bin, and frame them, like they did with
my worn out safari jacket.


Anonymous,  07 September, 2007 19:53  

Framing worn out clothes and shoes is a very nice thing to do...
... for our business (picture framing)!

Your little brother,

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