Rumble: Amazing Rome

Rome is an amazing city. While I had always been apprehensive to live in a big European city again (that was one of the things I ran away from, when leaving Belgium twelve years ago), Rome is not what I had expected.
Ok, traffic is hectic, but hey, I live 30 km away, 200 meters from the sea. There is a pollution haze I see over town every morning I drive in from the coast. And there are loads of tourists.
Still, each time I wander around in town, my mind blanks and all the impression of smells, colours, history just come rushing in.
Last weekend, Tine came over, and we walked into town. Her first visit to Rome, and she liked it!

A view of the inner city, taken from the hill near the Spanish Embassy.

Trastevere, a rustic neighbourhood in the center.

Of course, a sight not to miss: the Forum Romanum: over 2,000 years of history.

Tine enjoying lunch in Campo Fiori.


Anonymous,  18 September, 2007 22:05  

Great pictures! I hope I have the opportunity to travel to Rome at some point in the future because I know that I'd love the city.

Brandon Watts
Criteo Evangelist

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