Rumble: Hurricane Felix

As you might remember, I now work in the logistics section in HQ. First hand reports from disasters, conflicts, famine come in here pretty fast. Ebola outbreak in DRC, flooding in Ghana and Uganda, earthquakes in Colombia and Indonesia,... Most of these have an immediate and direct effect on the work we do, either in aid food dispatches or in the allocation of logistics support staff.
One example is Hurricane Felix. Even though the hurricane occurred early September, and has long gone from the news headlines, people in Nicaragua are still dealing with the aftermath of the disaster.

Pictures courtesy Mirjana Kavelj (WFP)


Terrie Modesto, PhD 17 September, 2007 13:14  

The pictures speak volumes! You are so right. Thank you for continuing to remind everyone that once the winds stop blowing and rain ceases to pelt the region, there is still a devastation that is beyond measure for those (human and animal) who must reclaim their lives under the harshness of the situation. Depending on the country, economic situation for all concerned and the quality of the infrastructure the recovery process can be years to even lifetimes.

Thank you again.

Dr. Terrie Modesto, Critical Incident Thanatologist

International expert in dying, death, loss and critical incident individual and community disaster preparation and response, with over 60 courses, books and training manuals to her credit. She has 20+ years experience in assisting those in need.

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