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The single, ‘Living Darfur' by Mattafix was filmed in the refugee camps on the Chad/Darfur border where over 200,000 people have been killed over the last four years.

The project is backed by a host of international names. Desmond Tutu, Matt Damon, Elle MacPherson, the Black Eyed Peas and many others have supported the project by appearing in the video holding slogans demanding action on Darfur. The project was funded by Mick Jagger.

All artist royalties from this single will be donated to Oxfam, Crisis Action, and the Save Darfur Coalition to support their work on the Darfur crisis but the main purpose of the single is to raise awareness of the crisis. (Read more...)

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For updated humanitarian news, check out The Other World News


Anonymous,  28 September, 2007 20:57  

For Americans, awareness is the first step in action as a nation.

How do we do things as a nation?

Some feel that we do things through the federal government. However, that is not appropriate in a free society because it forces our neighbor to help, too. Under our Constitution our federal government is limited in what it can do, also.

However, we as individuals can do things. We can collaborate, too, often in ways that others did not think about. Another thinks outside the box that limits me.

If many of us do this, something emerges in our nation. We are doing something as a nation.

Ron Paul has suggested that moral imperative is in individuals and I think he would include an empathy and love for others. It is as individuals we become aware of Darfur and as individuals we take action, though often with others.

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