Rumble: Top Down or Bottom Up? The Force of Nature Dictates...

One more story by Enrico:

The force of nature

In most part of the world, people have learned how to curb the forces of nature. However, there are still places where this has not taken place yet.

Recently, I was invited by the government of the state I am working in. The Governor reminded everybody that a good administration should always follow a bottom-up approach and that consultations should take place in the bomas first, then in the counties and finally at the state level, where the final consolidation is done.

After pausing for an instant, he looked around the table, and noticing that the commissioner, the ministers and the general directors were all from the capital city. The governor then said “Well, there are always exceptions, and our State is one of those. Due to the floods caused by the heavy rains, the entire country is still isolated and everyone has problems travelling to and from the capital. It is why WE are using a top-down approach.”

Picture courtesy Ulrik Pedersen


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