Rumble: Talking about other interesting sites...

Talking about other interesting sites: have a look at my blogrolling index in the right column. It lists all the sites I check daily myself: blogs and alternative news sites.

Also in the right column, you can now find some inspiration: videos from aid work, books and music I travel with. The books and music link with Amazon.

Last but not least (I spent a week to figure this one out! I tell you, I am a novice at this!): at the bottom of the right column, you will now see automatically updated feeds with alternative news made by bloggers (if you are tired of watching Fox, Sky, BBC and CNN all the time!), and several feeds with news and updates from the humanitarian field. Have fun. Remember, you can always find the latest structural updates here.

Oh, before I forget: within 30 days, my sabbatical is over. While I will continue to publish rumbles, stories etc when I get back to work and real life, I will have less time to work on the structure of this site. So NOW is the time to tell me what you like/don't like on the structure of this site, give suggestions, tell me about technical problems etc... Thanks!


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