Rumble: The Adventures of Rageh in Iran

Talking about Bagram airport in my previous post... One time I met this guy at Bagram. His face was familiar. Even when he introduced himself as Rageh Omaar, that did not ring a bell... Until I saw his companion pulling out a camera with the BBC logo on it... (Sometimes I am hopeless, ha!). He is one of those guys with a very open face, and a very positive aura around him. Something you can not say about all TV personalities and anchors unfortunately.

Here is an excellent BBC video from Rageh about life in Teheran. Take a cup of coffee (make that an Xtra Large Latte with sugar for me, please!), or tea, sit back, relax and watch this video. It lasts for 90 minutes, but it is worth it. Views like a movie, I find....

So, Ladies and Gentlemen, the movie tonight is about "Life in Teheran, in Iran, slightly behind the scenes, but surely behind the Western news headlines". Enjoy.
(no, I said Xtra Large please!)

It was nice to hear this Persian accent again. It has been such a long time. Feels like I kinda missed it.

PS: Duly noted how the BBC links this video:
Sometimes, we just can't help it.. It is too deeply entrenched in us to categorize things in the world into boxes labeled by religion... This video hardly touches religion, though.

Thanks for the video link, Gina!
Picture courtesy of Shahram Razavi


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