Reader's Digest of the Short Stories

As you know, this website contains both typical blog entries (the 'rumblings') and short-stories. In the Reader's Digest of 'The Road the to Horizon', you will find a summary and a snapshot of all stories.


Peter 04 March, 2007 17:04  

A reader posted a comment:
"Hi there,
Can you help me to spread Love All Around The World? Visit my project in http://[edited]/ and let's make a peace of Internet history."

Answer: Sorry, I only post links and comments which are -to my judgement- directly relevant to the published story or blog entry. However, I will have a look at your site, and I will include it in my blogroll if I like it. I hope you understand.

Anonymous,  06 March, 2007 09:15  

Reader's Digest is my faforite magazine at all and read it when I was's stories are wonderful!!!

Ahmed Anies

Anonymous,  15 March, 2007 08:16  

The Reader's Digest is an encyclopedia enriching our cultural life!

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