News: The Warmest Winter Ever!

Hey, I was not wrong with my observations in my rumble about climate change! News got out this has been the warmest winter ever. Globally!
NOAA's National Climatic Data Center reported that during the past century, global temperatures have increased at about 0.11 degrees per decade. But that increase has been three times larger since 1976. NOAA said the combined land and ocean temperatures for December through February this year were 1.3 degrees Fahrenheit above average since record keeping began in 1880...
You watch what that will do to developing countries who are already struggling with drought and flooding every year!

Maybe now is time to think if that
Kyoto Treaty should not be signed after all!

Foto credit: WFP/Mahamane Goni Boulama. For updated humanitarian news, check out The Other World News.


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