News: Iraq and Lebanon

Iraq: Killings Drive Women to Become Suicide Bombers:
Um Abdallah, 41, has a difficult task ahead of her - she has to learn how to use a gun and begin preparing for a day she believes is going to be one of God’s forgiveness and revenge against foreign forces occupying her country. (Full Story from IRIN)

Lebanon: My Sheep Were My Life:
Muhammad Zein el Abidyn Jaber is a 72-year-old farmer who lives with his family of five in the small Lebanese village of Maroun El Ras, on the border with Israel. During the July-August 2006 war between Israel and the armed wing of the political party Hezbollah, he fled his town and left his sheep and cattle behind. When Muhammad returned a few weeks later, he found they had died of hunger and thirst. In addition, his tobacco plantation was heavily damaged by the bombings and he was unable to harvest the few olive trees he made a living from because hundreds of unexploded cluster bombs were strewn on his land. (
Full Story from IRIN)

And I am sitting here, looking out of my window. A glorious sunrise this morning. Are we grateful enough for the fortune we have in our daily lives?


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