Rumble: Others Do It So Much Better Than Me #5: Jonathan Dumont

In one of my previous lives, I made two video documentaries about the expeditions we did to the Antarctic. Well, to be precise, for one I did the camera work and script, and Bart did the studio work (which was probably 90% of the sweat!). For the other one, James took the shots, Bart did the studio work, and I did the bossing around. It taught me some of the art of videography. Or at least made me appreciate the technology, efforts and creativity behind videography.

Jonathan Dumont once was a senior producer for CNN and a TV news producer for the BBC. He won several Emmy Awards for his work. But now, he is the videographer-cineast-script writer-cameraman-celebrity chaser at WFP. He makes/supervises all the video productions WFP does. Once I received permission to run a free video informercial (PSA) on the big displays at the Dubai airport. I called Jonathan in the morning, and he emailed me a custom made clip in the afternoon. Talking about fast! I think that spot is still running today, by the way..

Jonathan has an eye for beauty. He must have, looking at the video-pearls he produces for WFP. I wished I had an eye for video shots like he has, but He Does It So Much Better Than Me... Most of the raw video footage (VNR) and Public Service Announcements (PSAs) he released for WFP can be found in the
WFP newsroom. Here are a couple of example: (click once to select the video, and once again to run it)

with Penelope Cruz (ay... I really wished I made that clip! :-) )

And... for the ladies: Heerrrreee issss Colin Farrellllll!

Paul Tergat, Kenyan, ex dependent-on-food-aid-child,
and now marathon world record holder:

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