New aidworker blogs

On the road in Africa

The list of blogging aidworkers grows. Here are my latest additions:

  • After Africa: Long time blogger and cyberfriend Pernille faces her new challenge: after years in Bosnia, Uganda and Tanzania, she now works an NGO back home in Denmark.
  • Underwater Desert blogging, by Casey in the US, about Somalia. Or is it the other way round?
  • Chhaya Path, is Nisha's blog, who shuttles between India and Kenya
  • Shotgunshack blogs from different parts of the world, inspired by a video from the Talking Heads.
  • Rachel in Erbil (Iraq), after "Rachel in Kitgum" (Uganda) and "Rachel in Goma" (DRC)...

Remember, I aggregate the latest posts of all aidworkers' blogs on AidBlogs, twittered via @AidBlogs.

Picture courtesy of Pernille


Rachel 02 September, 2010 11:40  

Thanks for the link :) :) :)

Peter 02 September, 2010 11:49  

Welcome, Rachel.. Do stay safe in Erbil!


Pernille 02 September, 2010 13:02  

Thanks for still being included on one of your lists!! Just one minor point - I left the NGO I worked for for 10 years, now with a new, different one...


Peter 02 September, 2010 13:33  

Tnx Pernille! Corrected...


Anonymous,  05 February, 2011 22:43  

Late to see but glad that I did:)

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