How Bush started

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A Lady's Life 08 September, 2010 01:20  

Ya George Bush was born and raised a true American.
I always believed he had good intentions and was just dragged into something because of the 9/11.
I don't believe he wanted to be a war President and he didn't run to be.But American can't afford to be attacked this way nor overpowered by people who come in with different agendas, ie nation building within American boarders.Breaking up America.

Anonymous,  08 September, 2010 09:16  

ehm... but has Berlusconi ever played a role in Congo? The list in Europe would be neverending.. we don't want to go into a wide black open chapter of history, don't we?

Peter 08 September, 2010 09:19  


Agreed. Makes me depressed just thinking how even a small country like Belgium, what the level of damage is, that we have caused in the past century :-(((

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