The Millennium Development Goals in pictures

equal opportunities for women

Remember my post announcing the UNDP-Olympus-AFP Foundation Photo Contest, called Picture This? People could submit pictures symbolizing the work done on the different Millennium Development Goals (MDG).

The project received over 3,000 submissions from around the world, and some of them are simply breathtaking. Including the touching picture aboved, submitted by Joydeep Mukherjee, titled "Equal Work".

While the purpose of the contest was to shed a positive light on the progress towards the MDGs, I am not sure this particular picture really does. Are we actually making progress on MDG#3 "Promote gender equality and empower women"? That is why I think this picture is so powerful. According to me, it puts it all in question, in a very simple but gripping way.

Oh, by the way, a bit of a lost opportunity for UNDP to make this contest a real advocacy event: Of the 3,000 pictures submitted, I can only find the winners, unless if I look really well for a link to all entries.
I can not embed neither the slideshow of the winners (even though it is a Flickr roll), nor any of the other pictures in the winners' series. There is no social media bookmarking (Twitter, Facebook) on the winner's pages.
I hope that next year, they will have the voting done on the amount of times each picture is twittered, for instance. Would combine crowdsourcing, advocacy and good use of social media.

Oh, and I would also like to see a Creative Commons copyright prominently displayed.

Oh, and I'd like better quality resizing of the pictures. The quality of the front page slideshow pictures is much better than the resized ones in each of the category pages.

(Why can't I just keep my mouth shut. What's wrong with me?)

Picture courtesy Joydeep Mukherjee


A Lady's Life 20 September, 2010 19:05  

taht sure is a nice bamboo bridge

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