Viva Alitalia - This is why the pope kisses the ground after a flight

As part of the series The Flying Fun on The Road, here is an interesting event to further relativate the "Science of Flying".

When we landed with an Alitalia Airbus A321 last Sunday, the cabin sound and light installation went completely bezerk for the whole of the 20 minutes we were taxiing to our gate. Both the rhythmic flickering and rapping beat in the speakers made it look and feel like a night at the disco.

I imagined one of the flight attendants coming from the back rapping to the tunes of Cobra Starship:

I have had it with these motherf**king snakes
on this motherf**king plane! (oh-ah)

Times are strange (ho-ho)
We got a free upgrade for
snakes on a plane. (ho-ho)
F**k 'em, I don't care. (ho)
Bought the cheap champagne, (ho)
we're going down in flames, hey. (hey,hey)

Oh, I'm ready for it (ho-ho)
Come on, bring it. (ho-ho)
Oh, I'm ready for it (ho-ho)
Come on, bring it. (ho-ho)

But none did. There was no announcement to apologize -leave alone explain-, and no reaction from the flight attendants other than a chuckle.

I guess the fact we were already on the ground, made things a bit "lighter" for all. I wonder how people would have felt if this were to happen in mid-flight. Would they still joke "Ahhhhlitalia"?

Or is this how a cabin looks like before things really start to go wrong...


Anonymous,  14 September, 2010 14:47  

best rap ever

A Lady's Life 14 September, 2010 19:23  

Gosh it just never stopped. Hunh!
When I get on board a plane I say to myself you are a stupid woman and just put yourself in Gods hands because only he will see to it that you land again safe and sound. lol
So far I've been lucky :)

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