Picks of the Week: Crowdsourcing emergencies, land grabbing and HIV along African trucking routes

Zimbabwe classroom

Here are the interesting links I harvested last week:
  • Not earth shattering articles, but an easy "doctor's waiting lounge" read: Tonic is a news site with a twist. They define themselves as "The place where good lives - good news, good style, and good deeds.."
  • Now here is something earth shocking: A governmental emergency response goes web2.0: "Emergency 2.0 Australia" uses social media and GIS to improve location enabled information sharing between emergency management agencies and the affected community. The latter means you. Have a look. I love it. "Data goes Public, or Data Power to the People".
  • You want an example? Check out Firemash: Web 2.0 in action to spot and disseminate information on Australian bush fires.
  • Food crisis and the global land grab is a great resource for one of the issue we highlighted on The Road before: the neo-colonialism of buying, leasing, bribing, grabbing land in developing countries for food or biofuel production. One of the great dangers for the food production particularly in Africa. A great resource, and very well done site.
  • If pictures are your thing, then you definitively have to check out Gary Chapman's site and his blog. Gary does a lot of work for NGOs and nonprofits. The picture atop this post is one of Gary's: Kids in Zimbabwe taking notes with chalk on the floor, due to lack of benches, note pads or pencils.
  • The Northstar Alliance is an excellent public-private partnership initiative working establishing a network of roadside health clinics at major truck stops and border crossings in Africa, India and Asia. Worth a browse!
Picture courtesy Gary Chapman. Most sites found via NonprofitBlogs.

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