Humanitarian News got a facelift


After four months of tweaking the backend systems and RSS feeds for Humanitarian News, my mega news aggregator now collects about 15,000 articles per month from 600+ handpicked sources.

The site is now probably the largest single repository of nonprofit news articles and blogs. It turns out to be quite a resource to look up publications related to aid, development, the environment and the nonprofit sector as a whole. It gets about 6,000 visitors per month.

So it was high time to get out that botox syringe, all liposuction equipment and do an extreme makeover over the site's layout.

Old layout:

New layout:
Humanitarian News new layout

For the techies amongst you: Humanitarian News is my first site running on Drupal, so tweaking the theme was quite a discovery. But I am pleased with the result.

Cartoon courtesy Toon Pool


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