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A different view of reality

Since about half a year, I have posted random pictures I took with my mobile phone, both here on the Road's "Snapped"-series and on Twitpic.

As usual, it all started rather adhoc. I always loved photography (not that I KNEW anything about photography), and always appreciated a good picture (not that I UNDERSTOOD what makes a good picture). But that was not the reason why I started taking picture with my mobile phone... It was like.. "Life is too short": I wanted to share what I saw around me. But there was more. As I could post pictures by email from the mobile, I had each shot online in 10 seconds on Twitpic. So I caught myself looking deeper into things. Differently. More intensely. More thoughtful. First thinking "what I could post", but later on, pure out of appreciation of life around me.

Just like the piece of glass tile I found last weekend, on the beach near Rome. It lay flat. I put it up, and started to go wild at the effect it gave. Or the picture of the tiny plant trying to find its footing on the sand.

Just last week, Vagabondblogger commented on the pictures, and I caught myself saying that maybe I should put them on a separate site. So I did. Have a look at Shot from the Hip. That's the new home of my mobile pictures. A Christmas gift. All posted seconds after I take them. And twittered automatically on @TheRoadTo. I will continue to post a selection of them on The Road.

Hope you enjoy!


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