A helping hand for fellow aid workers


Some requests from fellow aid workers:

  1. Bill Walters is a humanitarian aid worker and doctorate of Community Psychology student at the Wilfrid Laurier University. He carries out a research study titled “Accountability to and participation of members of affected communities in international humanitarian relief and recovery efforts: Critical exploration of the current state of affairs and articulation of means to influence positive change”.

    As a part of the research project he is recruiting eight participants to share their insights and perspectives. Participants in this study have to be humanitarian aid worker with a minimum of two years field experience who are currently active, or have been involved within the last six months, in a disaster response effort.

    Interested? Check out the details of Bill's research.

  2. The Humanitarian Logistics Association (HLA) is looking for a Plone expert willing to give them a hand with their website, on a volunteering basis. Contact via Edita(dot)Nichols(at)fritzinstitute(dot)org

  3. And finally a request from WhereCampAfrica, an event gathering software developers, artists, geographers and academics for a one day "bootcamp", or "wherecamp" as they call it, in Nairobi on April. They are looking for good Tshirt printers in Nairobi. Contact via jharpster(at)wherecampafrica(dot)org.

I have done my good deed for today! Am I now going to heaven?

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