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1000 blog posts

This is my 1001th blog post since we started The Road. To celebrate this joyful event, i am launching a new site under NewsFeeds. In this site, I display newsfeeds from different news sources. It is based on what I used to do in Pageflakes, but decided it was time to make my own.

"NewsFeeds" is still being refined (it is built using Google Sites). It has different pages for news sources from Europe/US, the world, for magazines, social bookmarking and social media sites, for humanitarian news, news from the places I live and has a 'specials' page.

NewsFeeds compliments the other sites I have under 'The Road' banner:


Voegtli 03 February, 2009 05:38  

Congratulations for your more than 1'000 posts. Me, I am at something like 337. Still a longway to catch up with you.

Anonymous,  03 February, 2009 13:29  

Bloody hell man, congrats. I've just started, so 1,001 posts seems a very long way off

Anonymous,  03 February, 2009 19:32  

Felicitations Peter. Do you prepare some of your posts whilst you are waiting at airports? Forget about lounges in the airports that you travel to :-)

Peter 03 February, 2009 19:57  


Thanks Peter... You are doing well, and now you are officially retired, you can concentrate on catching up... ;-)


@The Beaver
actually often I do... Like in the summer, I queued all posts (one per day) while we were travelling for 4 weeks!


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