News: Fidel Castro wins humanitarian award

Fidel CastroSouth Africa gave its 2008 humanitarian award to former Cuban president Fidel Castro for his contributions to "humankind beyond boundaries."

Castro, who turned 82 Wednesday, becomes the first non-African and the third ex-head of state to win the "Ubuntu" award. Castro won the award "for the role he played in the Cuban revolution and worldwide contribution to the struggle for an alternative, just and humane society." (Full)

Picture courtesy AFP


Anonymous,  12 September, 2008 02:23  

wow I'm speachless.

Anonymous,  12 September, 2008 04:51  

THIS IS DISGUSTING. Speak to the people in his prisons for speaking against the government, living in his slums, rotting away in his disgusting hospitals and those who run to the beach in the dark of night to escape his oppressive regime... Ask them about what Castro meant to them.

Gary Arndt 12 September, 2008 13:22  

well, it didn't say what side of the struggle for justice he was on....

Anonymous,  16 September, 2008 00:14  

i am appalled to see that Fidel could even be in the same sentence as humanitarian! His people have no rights and are living in poverty while he lives in the lap of luxury! To win the same award as Nelson Mandela is horrendous. His people would definitely not nominate him for this award.

Anonymous,  17 September, 2008 13:16  

Interesting comments from others.. not that I disagree. But tell me again (aside from Mr. Mandela and he no longer highly active in the political arena) which of the modern politicians/leaders' names would you place along with humanitarian? Once anyone has a name, I'd be curious to know.

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