News: Bombing of the Islamabad Marriott hotel

Islamabad Marriott bombing

A massive bomb blast has hit the Marriott Hotel in Pakistan's capital, Islamabad, killing at least 40 people. The explosion occurred when a lorry, which was being checked by security staff and sniffer dogs blew up at the hotel's entrance.
The explosion - a suspected suicide bombing - is thought to have been caused by more than a tonne of explosives.
Pakistan authorities say 53 people died and 266 were wounded. (Full)

The attack sends a chill down my spine. When I lived in Islamabad, we used to go to the Marriott at least once per month. The hotel is featured in this shortstory.

The attack also comes just a few weeks after I wrote a post to watch the developments in Pakistan at at a time where the government is trying to find the right balance between its alliance to the US, and the grip the Taliban has in the Northern Territories...

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Picture courtesy AFP.


A Lady's Life 04 January, 2011 19:21  

It is scary. One of my cousins best friends who he worked with, was shot for no reason.

It's crazy out there and too bad people feel that killing people is the way to resolve problems.

They should take the guns away and give them cameras so they get a chance to see better things.

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