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Before Hurricane Ike


After Hurricane Ike

After Hurricane Ike

Warren and Pam Adams lost a house to Hurricane Rita in 2005, so it seems they'd be relieved to learn their new home withstood Hurricane Ike. But not when their house is the only one still standing in their section of Gilchrist, Texas.

Ike's storm surge last week devastated the Bolivar Peninsula town, flattening most of the roughly 200 homes there. The couple's yellow house at the beach -- supported 14 feet off the ground by wooden columns -- was the only house on Gilchrist's Gulf Coast side not to be flattened. (Full)

Pictures courtesy Ray Asgar, Judy Hudspeth (CNN)


vagabondblogger 20 September, 2008 19:02  

I was just visa processed here in Cairo with a guy who said he lived in Katy, Texas. We lived on the border of Katy & Houston for a year. He said "you wanna see my beach house?" I thought he was joking (Katy is no where near a beach). He pulled out a photo of the beach area in Crystal City, Texas, with a circle & arrow pointing to a totaled building, saying, "our beach house." It was shocking! Only one house in his area survived. They had the house for over twenty years. Mos of his friends there lost their houses too.

Anonymous,  21 September, 2008 03:32  

I'm not even an expert, and I can tell that this has been Photo-shopped. And a piss-poor job was done of it, too.

Peter 21 September, 2008 17:35  


Are you sure? I picked this from the CNN article, so I would presume they have better means to scrutunize than me. What would make you suspect these are photoshopped?


Anonymous,  21 September, 2008 23:30  

This particular house I've read about. 3 years ago Hurricane Rita destroyed the owner's previous house, which was built in an old style. They had it rebuilt in the new hurricane resistant style. The neighbors had not suffered the same issues with Rita; hence, when the stronger Ike went through, it took out all of the houses that had survived Rita, but the more recent and stronger house survived.

Anonymous,  21 September, 2008 23:30  

stop building directly in high tide.

it's annoying that insurance pays out to people that are unable to build in logical places.

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