Rumble: Suspicious Food

When skiing today, we had lunch up on the mountain. The bill said we had two versions of "Tageshit"...
"Tage" means "Day". "Shit" is universal, I guess.

So had we just eaten two versions of the "Shit of the Day" ?


Anonymous,  10 April, 2007 19:21  

Actually this means something like "Hit of the day". The "s" belongs to "day". Word-by-word translation would be: "Day's hit".

pumuckl 10 April, 2007 20:30  

you know... as long as you enjoyed it... knowing you, you had a good laugh!

enjoy your holiday :-)

Peter 13 April, 2007 21:29  

Yeah, we did enjoy it! Thought it was funny, though!


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