Rumble: So You Want to Be an Aidworker, hey?

I regularly get emails from people asking more information on how to join one of the humanitarian organisations, either full time, part-time or as a volunteer.
One of the goals of this site is to provide people with inspiration, and -if possible- make them think about humanitarian issues. So, getting that amount of queries is really great, and I try to give sufficient information to get them on their way.
If you have been interested in this field of work, but never dared to ask the question, then today's post, is your post: "How to become an aidworker, in 1-2-3" or something like that :-)

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Video courtesy of WFP


Neeltje 20 April, 2009 11:51  

Hoi Peter,

Ik werk voor Volkskrant Reizen en we zijn op zoek naar tips voor vrijwilligerswerk in het buitenland: Zou je misschien willen reageren?

Hartelijk dank!

Volkskrant Reizen

Peter 21 April, 2009 19:02  


--bij deze gedaan!


Jufe 14 August, 2009 02:46  

Thx Peter for the info

About 2 year ago I stumble upon your Blog, that write about Pero your friend ( at that time I still in Aceh and are brosing info of West Timor)

Apparently I have been 2 years in Atambua, West Timor, working for WFP

Regard Jufe

Peter 14 August, 2009 06:34  


coincidences, hey? I hope you are safe and all is going well!


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