Rumble: Picnic at the Mosel

On the ride back from Italy, we stopped for a short picnic, up on a ridge, overlooking the river Mosel.
The Mosel lends its name to a light white wine. No surprise we sat smack in the middle of vineyards.

It was close to the location I wrote about in the epilogue of
"The Man With the Air Conditioner on his Head, Shot at Us".

A beautiful scenery, and we were just in time to see the sun set. It
was still warm. 23°C.. Later in the evening, we heard on the radio it was 29°C in some parts of Belgium. Most of the time, it does not get that hot even in summer. And we're mid April. Today was even warmer...

Nope, I am not going to whine about global warming again. I just thought I'd mention the temperature. And the fact it was a new record. Again. ;-)


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