Rumble: Ready to Conquer the World! Of Sorts...

In my post "GPS Navigation for Dummies", I wrote that -despite the fact I have been to the most remote corners of the world - I still succeed in loosing my way in our village at home. Tine, my wife, had been "encouraging" (hum) me to buy a GPS for the car, certainly as soon we will be driving from Belgium to Italy on our skiing holiday. That trip has always been the climax of marriage tension and bad team dynamics...
Just for fun, I added a poll in the article, asking you to advise me what I should do... "To GPS or not to GPS?..." Tine has been following the survey results on the web. To her delight, her sound reasoning and the $5 she gave me to put an advertisement in favour of GPS-husbands under the poll, have all paid off. 17 people answered the poll, of which 16 said "Yep, you need a GPS"...

With less than a week left before we leave on holiday, Tine has been refreshing my memory of the fierce discussion we had last year.

Husband and wife drive with the kids in the back. The wife just finished two hectic months at work, and falls asleep as soon as the family takes off. With the maps on her lap. The kids are peacefully watching a DVD in the back. The husband is frustrated as within the first thirty minutes of the twelve hours drive, they hit their traffic jam already. After three hours, they reach Germany, and the husband -as every year- gets lost in the f**ing zigzag jigsaw road-mess around Cologne. Husband wakes up wife, asking "Where are we?" Wife answers - half dazed- "... In the car!".. Husband looses temper...

Anyways, the deed is now done.. All future marriage disputes are solved. I bought a GPS for the car today. A small step for mankind, a big step for a man.

PS: One third of the answers also advise me that "I should always listen to my wife.." Well, I'll think about that one!


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