Khaddafi posters in Italy

Khaddafi posters in Italy

Libyan president Khaddafi visited Italy this week. Apart from the usual media dog and poney show, what surprised me most, was to find his posters in many parts of Rome.

Strange. From super hit on the terrorist list to super hero?

By the way, I have never seen posters of Bush when he came over last year. What message is Berlusconi trying to send here?


Thankyou!,  13 June, 2009 11:50  

Haven't you ever heard of a very simple word called "politics"? Strange, quite common in the UN corridors It isn't a single case to have "peculiar" diplomatic visits in Eu countries (or wherever)... what about the friendship about Pinochet and Mrs M.Thatcher? Very few comments on the international press /media at the time ... why? Also Arafat not always was kindly considered by the western communities, again welcomed... many others instances like the above mentioned. There's no logic in madness, there'ss always a reason behind political business... Everybody skeletons in the cupboard,
Keep on smiling!

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