Google: the new Microsoft?

Wordpress versus Google

I am writing quite a bit for BlogTips, my new blog about "Blogging for Non-Profit", where I share some of my past 30 months of blogging experiences.

I am now working on a post helping non-profit organisations decide what blog software to choose.

When I started The Road over two years ago, I compared Wordpress and Blogger, and found them pretty equal in user interface, functionality, features. I choose for Blogger, because of its flexibility. But that was then...

I re-looked at both when starting BlogTips and was taken by the progress Wordpress made over the past two years. Blogger, on the contrary, just did not evolve. A few features were added, but that's it. Wordpress was overhauled several times, and a ton of new features, plug-ins and themes were added. Wordpress' user interface now stands head and shoulder above Blogger's clumsy stuff.

It made me think... I use Google affiliated software (Blogger, Google Apps, Picasa, Feedburner,...) a lot. They all have one thing in common: no technical support (all support is concentrated in user forums), and little effort is made to have the software evolve. (here is ProBlogger complaining about Feedburner)

It feels like "What you see is what you get", nothing more, nothing less. The only thing they are interested in, is content. Could not care less about their users.

Makes me wonder if Google has become the new Microsoft?

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Unknown 25 June, 2009 07:27  

RE: Blogger vs Wordpress. Our Social Media specialists are also all quiet biased towards wordpress - I wasn't sure if it is just because being anti-Google is becoming fashionable now that nobody needs convincing any longer of Microsoft's awful products. One question tho: is it possible to 'transfer' a blogger blog to a wordpress blog without loss of content, formatting etc.?

Peter 25 June, 2009 09:28  


Writing a (long) post abt all this, for

Yes, it is possible to transfer a blogger blog to a wordpress blog with one click. This is how I 'back up' all my blogger blogs.

I have done it both onto and (them-hosted and self-hosted wordpress...)

The posts convert perfectly, but of course layout of the blog (template/theme) and widgets, you will have to redo.
Plus you will need to go over all links in the posts, referring to your old blogger posts... (which is a problem for me, as I cross reference a lot from one post to another...)
And.. if you uploaded your pictures onto blogger, better to transfer them too..

Anything I can help u with?


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