Italian poll pollution

There were polls for the European parliament in Italy last weekend, just like in most of Europe.

Several weeks ago, they set up placards for election posters. One peculiar things I noticed was that crews roamed around, sticking posters of their party over those of their adversaries. During the night, the crew from party X put their posters on, the next day, party Y would come along and cover it all with their favourite candidate.

In no time, each placard had 40-50 or more posters stuck on them.

Comes the rain, and all posters got so heavy they peeled off, and got blown all around the streets.

Italian poll pollution

Italian poll pollution

Italian poll pollution


Anonymous,  11 June, 2009 20:44  

In Belgium where I live is exactly the same....

Peter 13 June, 2009 00:04  


--Have not been in Belgium at election times, but for as far as I can remember, each party had their own dedicated billboard, and was not allowed to plaster of other parties' pacards...


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