Google thinks I have more important things to say than Obama and Oprah combined

Google scans billion webpages several times per day. They give a numerical value to each webpage called "Pagerank", or "PR" for short.

The Pagerank is a sophisticated algorithm which indicates how 'valuable', or 'important' a webpage is. A PR varies from 0 to 10. The higher a PR, the more relevant a webpage is. There are millions of pages of a PR0, while there are just a handful with a PR10.

I just discovered Google valued my low key Twitter microblog much higher than the official Twitter blogs from Oprah and Barack Obama combined.

Oprah's Twitter blog's pagerank
Obama's Twitter blog's pagerank
my Twitter blog's pagerank

My Twitter blog was pageranked 5, while Oprah's was 3 and poor Barack's Twitter blog got a PR0 (Yep, that is '0' like 'zero', 'nothing', 'ziltch'). Each of them have over a million of people reading their Twitter updates. I only have 419 'followers'.

Actually, I rated higher than the world's most popular Twitter blogs. Here are the most popular Twitter accounts:

top twitterers
Source: Twitterholic

You might ask yourself why Google rated me higher than the star of the world' most popular show (that is Oprah, not Obama), and the US president? Is it because I mostly write about humanitarian issues?

So would it be fair to say that for Obama and Oprah would start increasing their Twitter relevance if they'd emphasize humanitarian issues?

Now that's a thought!

Oprah's Twitter blog

Oprah's Twitter blog

My Twitter blog


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