Rumble: On The Move

This is how my last 24 hours looked like:

  • 17:00 (Dubai time): wrapped up the workshop in Dubai. 90 minutes of traffic from the office to the hotel. Forgot it was Thursday evening. Weekend traffic! Blah!
  • The workshop participants
  • 19:00 (Dubai time): waited for 30 minutes until I got a taxi to go to Mageed's house. In the end, a private car offered to drive me for 40 Dirham. I gave him 50.Dubai's Sheikh Zayyed Road at the World Trade Center

  • 01:00 (Dubai time): Tarek drove me back from Mageed's house to the hotel. Picked up my Email in the room, and crashed in bed.
  • 05:00 (Dubai time): Got up, showered, packed my bag and took a cab to the airport. Hotel reception had a problem with the credit card machine. Could not use a card with a pin.
  • 07:30 (Dubai time): Boarded the flight to Rome. Met Achilles at the boarding gate. He was on his way back from Bangladesh (Cyclone Sidr!). Tried to convince the flight attendant not to let him on the plane. haha.
  • 11:30 (Rome time, 14:30 Dubai time): Got out of Fiumicino airport Rome, took a cab to work, picked up my car, drove to my home in Fregene, repaired the boiler so I could get a warm shower.
  • 14:00 (Rome time): Got up after a two hour nap, packed my carry-on bag (including a present for Tine and the girls), drove to Fiumicino airport.
  • boarding at Fiumicino airport. Raining... Yak.16:00 (Rome time): having a panino con prosciutto and a caffe latte doppio at the airport. Writing this blog via a wireless connection.
  • At 18:30 tonight (Brussels time), I will arrive home and hug my girls.

On Sunday night I fly back to Rome. Hopefully I will not have to repair my boiler again when I get into my home there. Will be midnight.

Dubai picture, courtesy mirage studio 7


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