News: Turkey Attacks North Iraq

A villager looks through a rubble at the Qlatooka village near Iraq's border with Turkey on Sunday Dec 16 2007Turkish warplanes bombed Kurdish rebel targets as deep as 60 miles inside northern Iraq for three hours Sunday. Turkey's military chief said the U.S. gave intelligence and tacit approval for the raid.
An Iraqi official said the planes attacked several villages, killing one woman. The rebels said two civilians and five rebels were killed.

The U.S. Embassy in Iraq refused to comment Monday on the Turkish general's assertion that American officials had given Turkey permission to enter Iraq's air space. (Full item)

Eh? And I thought Iraq was a sovereign country?! Did the Iraqi government have no say in this? The US "gives permission" to bomb villages on the territory of another state.. On basis of what authority?

Picture courtesy AP


vagabondblogger 18 December, 2007 01:21  

As a Greek, the commitment the US has given Turkey throughout the years has bothered me (that's putting it lightly). Why is this a surprise? Even though the Kurds asked for a separate country during the Paris Peace Talks in 1919, do you think anyone cares? Noooo - they are at the receiving end of the BTC Pipeline - god forbid we interrupt the transport of oil. And Iraq - just another banana republic (we don't need to ask them for any stinking permission)!

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