Rumble: Have We Become Disaster Gypsies?

"I had met far too many people that were left alone, lonely, and bitter after years of wandering fieldwork. There were the drunks and misanthropes, people who were reduced to a husk of their former selves by cynicism and personal and professional estrangement ... This was not to even mention the crazies, of which there were more than a few," writes John Norris, senior political adviser to the U.N. Mission in Nepal, in his new book, "The Disaster Gypsies: Humanitarian Workers in the World's Deadliest Conflicts". (full post)

It relates back to 'us': relief workers and development aid workers, and our lives: I am an aid worker. Help!, I wrote in an earlier post. Even more so when you are a woman in the relief field...

Thanks to E. for the link.

PS: Merry Christmas everyone!


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