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Well, it seems at the end of the year, loads of charity rallies are held. It shows that each of us can help. Nothing seems beyond our capacity to help or our ingenuity finding new and fun ways to assist the less-fortunate.

Yep, this is Pim... I know what you are thinking!Every year, Food Bloggers from all over the world join together for a fundraising campaign. They are led by Pim, a popular food critic and author of the Chez Pim blog (Picture left). They call the campaign "Menu For Hope".
Last year, they raised $60,925.12 by raffling culinary rarities.

Menu for HopeThis year "Menu for Hope" raised funds to support a WFP-run school lunch program in Lesotho. The food for the lunches is bought directly from local farmers who practice conservation farming methods. They help feed the kids (which keeps them in school) and support their parents and community farming as well. Sustainable development they call it. ;-)

Some examples of this year's culinary rarities were:

  • Yep, that is Fanny, and I know what you are thinking!Private live episode of Wine Library TV (editor: I guess ...)
  • Edible Paris custom food itinerary (editor: edible, hey?)
  • Foodie week-end with Fanny (Picture on right) in Paris (editor: Hey, I speak French. And have 10$. Here, have 20$, Hell, take everything I have!)
  • Tea time at La Cocotte (editor: "La Cocotte" means "The sweetheart". So I guess I'll take that as well. ok. That is 4!)
  • Chris Cosentino (of The Next Iron Chef and Incanto) takes you to lunch on delectable bits at his favorite secret restaurant in San Francisco (Editor: Ok, I will skip that one.)
  • Review with Stephen Downes, one of Australia's most experienced restaurant critics
  • This is Sigrid. Culinary expert. And I know what you are thinking!Dinner with Sigrid (Picture on the right) in Roma (Editor: Hey, I live in Roma!! And I have US$10. Can I still bid?)
  • Contigo Conmigo: 4-course dinner for 8 at Contigo chef Brett Emerson's house in San Francisco (Editor: For eight! Cool! Have not had one of those for a long time!)
  • One-Night Package at the Vermont Culinary Inn (Editor: Vermont, here I come!!!)
  • ...

Each virtual raffle ticket went for US$10. This year, they raised a total of $90,286. Well done, and no wonder!

Thanks to and The Other World News for the intial links


Peter 29 December, 2007 15:05  

Boy, I do hope people read this as it is meant: tongue in cheek. I have nothing but admiration for Pim's initiave!!!



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