News: Colleague Died in Algiers Bombing.

Gene Luna on the left. Picture taken in AfghanistanOne of the two Algiers bomb attacks three days ago completely destroyed the third floor of the UN building. The floor of our offices. Most of the staff members were outside the office on a training course and therefore escaped the attack.

Amongst the 11 UN staff members that died, we lost one colleague Gene Luna (Left in the picture). Gene (48) joined our organisation in 2002. She worked in Kandahar, Afghanistan first and transferred as finance officer to the Algeria office barely a week ago.

At the time of her death, Luna, was part of our program assisting the food needs of thousands of refugees displaced by the 1975 conflict in Western Sahara.

There are still 5 UN staff members missing. (News post)

So far this year, 36 humanitarian workers serving WFP have been killed, injured or detained.

Picture courtesy WFP


Klari 14 December, 2007 12:36  

I'm really sorry to read that.

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