Snapped: Steps near the breakwater

steps near the breakwater

Weathered steps onto the breakwater near Fano on Italy's Adriatic coast. The bright orange-red paint from the railing dripped off onto the wood. The paint mixed with the rust gave it almost an artificial feeling.
I love winter sea-sides! My favourite music this time of the year is Loreena McKennitt. Try this for size.

The Snapped Series: mobile phone shots from the hip.


vagabondblogger 29 November, 2009 01:07  

OMG! You have become one freaking photo maniac. It's wonderful, isn't it?

Peter 29 November, 2009 11:44  


I guess I have always been a photo maniac, but the quality from my Nokia phone or my 9 year old digital camera were just not good enough ;-).

Thinking of starting a blog with only pictures so they do not clog up The Road...


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