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Man in front of Bazaar

I have found four more blogging aidworkers:
  • Denise in Tajikistan features astonishing notes and pictures from some of the most isolated places in the world: Voyageuse Mondiale
  • Nathalie in Cambodia always amuses me with her witty writing: Nathalie Abejero
  • Matthew is an aidworker in Bangladesh and writes mostly about self-development: iDevelopWorld
  • The last blog is "someone" writing from "somewhere" in the field: Straight out of the Jungle
I have added them to my aidworkers blogroll in the sidebar. The list has now grown to a total of 71 blogs. This must be the most exhaustive list of aidworkers' blogs you can find anywhere...

aidworker blogs

Take your time to browse around these blogs. They provide a unique view into the daily life of a unique brand of people I am happy to call "my friends and colleagues".

I automatically post update summaries for each of these blogs on AidBlogs (updates via Twitter: @AidBlogs).
If you want to follow the updates mixed with the "wider humanitarian news", then Humanitarian News might be your thing. The latter broadcasts updates @HumanityNews on Twitter...

Picture courtesy Voyageuse Mondiale


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