Driving in Rome

If you are used to switching from one highway to another using four parallel lanes, a smooth gradual exit and re-entry, then you will need to adapt to real life when you visit Rome.
Driving here, is more about being creative, daring and above all: it's about being decisive.

To switch from one highway to another, this road in Rome takes you through several backstreets of an area I would not like to drive at night. It has a four meter exit at 90 degrees, and a five meter long re-entry with virtually no visibility on incoming traffic.


Think,  19 November, 2009 23:46  

good example of safe driving.... how you did you manage the camera?????????????

Peter 20 November, 2009 07:33  

I held it in my hand. ;-)

Alexander,  20 November, 2009 18:44  

Excellent! Looks just like Montreal. We also have onramps far too short for their intended use - try merging from a stop to 100km/h in 20m. Oh, and several places where two 2-lane highways merge into one 3-lane highway with no signs, warnings or anything. Fun, fun, fun.

Think,  20 November, 2009 18:54  

that is not wise, and nothing to be proud of.

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