Snapped: Italian Tuk-Tuk

I think Italy is the only country in Western Europe where the "Tuk-Tuk" or "Treewheela" (as they are called in many places around Asia), are still widely used. Here is one at a traffic light in the center of Rome.

Snapped is a series of posts with pictures taken with my mobile phone.


vagabondblogger 06 November, 2009 16:44  

I see you're enjoying your new iPhone. I carry my Nikon with me all the time, but there are times I forget, and the iPhone is a handy gadget to have.

Peter 06 November, 2009 16:49  

Ciao Vagabondblogger!

This was in the pre-iPhone era. Was still my Nokia (iPhone picture quality would be better ;-)) )

Last Monday, I bought a Nikon D90... will publish some pictures from it soon!


Gisella 14 November, 2009 01:07  

Oh my... I live in Italy, and I never noticed a "racing car" like that in the middle of a city! Maybe in the country... very far in the country :-)

Peter 14 November, 2009 01:09  


They are quite common here in Rome! Kind of odd, no, in the middle of the city?


Gisella 14 November, 2009 14:00  

@ Peter

Ehm... here in Torino there are not, eheheh!
Next time I go to Rome, I'll have a look around.


Anonymous,  18 November, 2009 22:38  

Gisella, I don't where you're from or where you live.... Actually, what is incorrectly called tuktuk in this post, it's commonly called APE (BEE) in Italy. The factory making those vehicles is PIAGGIO- part of FIAT. And in Turin and little villages is a very typical kind of transport for who runs a little business ... For your information, competitions of any kind and sort, with this funny 3wheelers take regularly place, in every part of Italy.

Peter 18 November, 2009 23:03  


With the term "tuktuk" I am blinking an eye to those who travelled through Asia, where tuktuks are threewheeler taxis... ;-)))


Anonymous,  19 November, 2009 23:44  

you mentioned italian tuktuk, which is not exhisting... what you snapped is an APE (I repeat vehicle originally manufactured to trasport goods - no people )....

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