Today is World Humanitarian Day

UN flag recovered from Canal hotel bombing

With a suicide car bomb killing two UN staff yesterday, a UN compound attacked in Somalia over the weekend, an aidworker killed during a mugging in Zanzibar and an NGO worker for a human rights NGO killed in Chechnya last week, we celebrate World Humanitarian Day today.

"Celebrate" is the wrong word... "Commemorate" should be more appropriate. Commemorating the 81 aid workers killed this year. And the hundreds who have lost their lives in the past years...

If there is one symbol that stands out for the sacrifice of many, it would be this UN flag, recovered from the rubble after the bombing of the UN HQ in Baghdad now 6 years ago.

This is the official World Humanitarian Day video:

August 19, 2003.

We will not forget.

Video courtesy of OCHA
Picture courtesy UN Media


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