How did I get here?

Direction signs

Sometimes, you get sucked into a situation. It is like a hole in the sand your in. While trying to climb out of it, you actually make the hole wider and deeper.
And as things progress, your efforts get more frantic and in the end you have a bloody deep hole.

Don't we all get 'sucked' into situations without even realizing it... And then, one day, you wake up, and look at it all with fresh eyes... When that happens to me, my AHA-thought concentrates around two things only: "How the hell did I get here?" and "How is it possible I have let it slip that far?"

An example, on a more lively and cheerful note: When I lived in Uganda, one morning the driver did not pick up my on time, and I nearly missed my flight.

I asked why he was late, and he shrugged:
- Not my fault...
- Why not?
- It was the neighbour's wife's brother fault.
- Why?
- I have an electric clock with an alarm, but it did not work.
- ...
- My neighbour had connected his electricity line to mine. He had locked up the connection in a box with a padlock.
- ...
- The wife had visited her brother.
- Whose wife?
- My neighbour's... She had visited her brother.
- ...
- She had left her keys there. The padlock key was amongst them.
- ...
- In the evening, she returned home. There was a shortcircuit in his electricity connection, which also shut off my electricity. They could not repair it, as they called the wife's brother to come with that key. But he did not.
- ....
- So my electric clock did now work, and I overslept...

To get up in the morning, the guy had to resolve the electricity problem, but ran into solving problems which were related to problems which were related to other problems which somehow related to the original problem...

And that is a problem, you see?


Mo-ha-med 14 August, 2009 00:46  

Excellent story!
Note to self: when in Uganda, bring a battery-powered alarm clock.

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