The Road is re-asphalted

I spent the past 24 hours doing what I wanted to do for a long time: give The Road to the Horizon a facelift.

As many bloggers, I started with a standard Blogger template (or layout), tweaked it a bit here and there as the months and years went by.

32 months ago, The Road looked more or less like this:

old Blogger template

Late 2007, The Road was more customized, with its own picture banner:

The Road late 2007

And bit by bit, it grew in what we had up to yesterday:

The Road yesterday

I got rather tired of the narrow width, limiting what I could put in the side columns, so a new template it should be.

Migrating templates is something of a blogger's nightmare... Blogger, the software and host I use, is not flexible at all in migrating from one template to another. They don't move over all widgets and customizations automatically, and each template has its own oddities. So I had to create a backup site, prepare and test everything there, and move the lot manually to The Road...

But we're there... All tested in Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari, Chrome and Opera.. I think all is working. Let me know what you think of the new layout, and even more importantly, let me know if there is anything not working (don't forget to let me know which browser you are using)...

Some fine tuning is left to be done before I can start working on new features. Will we ever be at a point where we want to be? Nope... don't think so.. After all, The Road to the Horizon is all about the joy of experiencing things NOW, rather than reaching the destination... And the Horizon can never be reached, can it? ;-)


Voegtli 09 August, 2009 06:40  

We all re-asphalt from time to time. And, as you say, it is a nightmare. Last year (in August) I completely "screwed up" when I tried to change my layout. Night long recovery works were necessary.

Anyhow, your blog, since I know it, has always looked nice.

Peter 09 August, 2009 09:57  


It is a drag to re-template a Blogger blog, ain't it? Phew.. Glad the main work is done..

Thanks for the compliment, Peter.

vagabondblogger 10 August, 2009 03:12  

I've been re-thinking my template as well, but I may have even more problems. I am a MAC user and I love it. I would also love to be able to use a template from iWEB, but after much prodding from my son & investigating, Mac iWeb templates and Blogger are not compatible. Now, my son suggests I use Typepad. I like Blogger, sooo - no to that. At least for now. I am still thinking this through.

BTW, you're page looks really nice (from Safari.)

Peter 10 August, 2009 06:44  


I don't know Mac iWeb templates, but I know unless templates are written specifically for Blogger, they won't work..
There are a range of templates to choose from (apart from the standard templates provided by Blogger), but it is the migration which is a pain...


virginia bed and breakfast 12 August, 2009 10:57  

Hi peter,
I agree with you, it is really nightmare and I also many time tried to change my blog layout.


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