Picture of the Day: MSF in a message

I previously posted how a UNICEF ad gave a clear, simple and hard message. This -almost blank- ad for Medecins Sans Frontieres or Doctors Without borders beats anything on simplicity.

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Picture courtesy La Cocina Creativa and Agencia McCann-Erickson.


Peter 29 August, 2009 21:22  

Thanks for visiting, Davon! I dropped by your blog.. Looking good!!


Mo-ha-med 01 September, 2009 03:39  

Solution: give the doctors cameras.

Okay, joke aside:
Perhaps there is a media role for aid workers that needs to be filled - if only to bring to the limelight the work they do, to bring cameras to those very places that photographers don't want to/cannot go to?

I can think of a recent example: in the December/January assault on Gaza, a great deal of the reporting was done by two volunteer Norwegian doctors, Erik Fosse and Mads Gilbert, while western media was not allowed in the Gaza strip by the Israeli army.
(with nuances, of course - there were a few correspondents on the ground, for AP, NYT, and various Arab media outlets..)
But the point remains: thanks to those two volunteers, we got reporting and facts that we would otherwise have not known.

Peter 01 September, 2009 05:48  


Yeah, i think there is trend within aid work to bring more the field work to the foreground, and as such to let the people in the field have a voice, very often through blogs, or vlogs...

It is a bit tricky, though... "Corporate" media relations is a profession. Aid workers are often not too compromising in their wording.. ;-)


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