News: Monsoon in Asia, Floods in West-Africa and Hurricanes in Central America.

Flooding in NepalThe emergency season has started again.

Floods in India May Displace Millions.
Millions of destitute farmers and their families may be displaced for months after severe floods in northern India wiped out crops and homes, leaving hundreds of villages under several feet of water. (Full)

WFP to feed feed 50,000 flood victims in Nepal
The emergency operation is in response to a Government of Nepal request after monsoon rains caused an embankment of the Saptakoshi River to collapse, flooding thousands of hectares of land and forcing an estimated 50,000 people to flee their homes. (Full)

U.N. fears health crisis from West Africa floods
WHO, the U.N. health agency says severe flooding in West Africa is increasing the risk of deadly cholera and malaria outbreaks in the region. Flooding since July has displaced at least 200,000 people and damaged roads and railway lines across a large area of West Africa, with Benin the hardest-hit. (Full)

Hurricane Gustav floods Haiti, kills 11 and heads toward Cuba
Gustav also dumped torrential rains on southern Haiti, which is prone to devastating floods because its mountainous terrain has been stripped of trees for farming and charcoal. (Full)

Picture courtesy James Giambrone/WFP


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