News: An 8 yr old, a pilot and an attorney on the terror watch list.

What do an eight year old, a commercial airline pilot licensed to carry a gun into the cockpit, and a US attorney have in common?

Well for one, they can not check in for a flight like the rest of us.
Why? Well, because they need special screening.
Why? Well, because their name is on the terror watch list.

Their name, they also have in common. And that is the root of all problems: all three people are called James Robinson. And "James Robinson" needs to be watched. Apparently no matter which James Robinson.

So each time James Robinson -the third grader-, James Robinson -the ex U.S. attorney and an assistant attorney general, and James Robinson -the retired National Guard Brigadier General and commercial pilot-, want to fly, they are questioned.

Even though they have learned how to bypass the security screening system by booking tickets as Jim Robinson or J.K.Robinson or J.Pierce Robinson... We can only hope the one and only Jim Robinson, the suspected terrorist, does not find out. (More)

Pictures courtesy CNN


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