News: Airline removes life vests to save fuel

Airlines are trying to cut the cost of fuel. I mentioned before that Brussels Airlines decided to fly slower and to remove the unused ash trays to save fuel. Now Jazz, Air Canada's regional carrier, has removed inflatable life vests from its planes to save weight.

Canada's transportation regulations stipulate only one means of floatation is required when operating flights 50 nautical miles or more from shore. The airline carried both floatation devices (seat cushions) and life vests, so they scrapped one. And adjusted flight routines to stay further away from any coastline. (Full)

[Ed: At least it is a better (and more comfortable) choice than if they would have scrapped the seat cushions and kept the life vests as sole means of floatation. ;-) ]

Picture courtesy ABC News


Voegtli 29 August, 2008 12:14  

Well, if they stay close to the coast, it is ok with me :-)

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