Rumble: A Lazy Saturday in Rome

Tine and the girls were here last week. The first days, the weather sucked. Rain, dark, depressive. On Friday everything opened up, and Saturday was as glorious a day as it could be.

Here is a menu to spend a Saturday in Rome:

1/ Late morning, you drive to Fiumicino, at the sea:

2/ You pick your usual Cafe, with a terrace, and have a breakfast consisting of a Cafe Latte and one or two cornetti (croissants). During breakfast, you admire your two girls and how much they have grown in the past month.

3/ Take a walk alongside the port of Fiumicino. Stand still by the small things. People sitting in the sunshine, chatting. Fishermen mending the nets or preparing the boats for next week's trip.

4/ Then, in all laziness, drive off to town and scout the Campo di Fiori market. Suck up all the odours of flowers, spices, fish, meat on the roast, vegetables and fruits. Indulge into the crowds around the market stands. Enjoy the laughter and to-and-fro shouting of the vendors.

5/ End up at a restaurant, and have a late brunch, as the sun is already starting to set. Enjoy the busy-ness of the whole, the buzzing noise of hundreds of people around you, the street musicians, kids, the tingling of glasses as food is being served.

Rome is a city like no other.


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